PPI Compensation Advisors

PPI ( Personal protection insurance ) has been wrongly sold with many credit cards, loans, and mortgages by many lenders, includind banks, as a result you could be owed thousands of pounds. JustRefunds are here to advise you in getting back the money you could be owed.

What is PPI ?

PPI ( Personal protection insurance ) is insurance cover for any form of financial lending. It is now widely accepted now that in the past most PPI was mis-sold. Therefore there is a very good chance that if you had taken out a credit card, loan or mortgage in the last 10 years then PPI, or some form of Payment Protection Insurance. would have been added to your loan, meaning you could be owed thousands of pounds.

If any of these statements apply, then you could be in for a windfall.

I was told I had to have PPI in order to have the loan

PPI was added to my loan without fully explaining why

Nobody explained the full cost of the PPI or the exclusions

At the time I was self employed, unemployed or on a fixed term contract

I had a pre-existing medical conditions such as depression, back problems etc

A payment for PPI was taken as a lump sum when I took out the loan

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